i. Evil found a foothold in my innocence when I was first born. Tragedy struck in my bloodstream. I went from a beautiful new life in this world to a sick body in a hospital bed, as doctors stared at test results with sorrowful glances and shaking heads. My father laid his hands on my little body and God’s healing flowed through his finger tips, filling my veins.

    The second test results came back negative. Today, there is nothing wrong with my blood.

    ii. I was a quiet toddler who didn’t mind playing by herself. I was alone in my play room and I just wanted the toy that was on the highest shelf. I reached and stretched but I couldn’t grab it. I placed both feet on the first shelf and climbed, my eyes on the prize. But the shelf was tipping and my tiny legs surely wouldn’t get me away in time before it crushed me. My mother heard my cries and ran, meeting my own frantic run in the hall way. I had cried to her, over and over, “Something pushed me out of the way!”

    iii. The rain fell on the gravel, making the roads slippery. My mom was on the phone - distracted. I was in the backseat, seven years old, and not a clue of the danger that awaited. The wheels skidded, the car slipped, and my mother lost control. The phone flew out of her hand as we rolled, the top of the car now crashing into the road. We hung upside down and I cried. She climbed out of her seat, pulled me out, and we both walked away without one scratch that day.

    iv. The stomach pain started when I was in elementary school. Comfort eating wasn’t helping. The doctors did every test they could, but no caused showed itself. I was told I should be taking anxiety medication, because of the high chances of getting an ulcer.

    Years later, I have never taken medication. I have never had an ulcer. It may be a struggle, but anxiety doesn’t rule my life. With daily prayers, He heals me and holds my hand. He has plans for me and they will not be cut short because of worry.

    v. I lay on my bed, my eyes on the ceiling, but my mind running in circles. I thought to myself, “Do You hear me? Are You even real? What if everything I believe in is a lie?”

    Immediately after my doubtful prayer to Him, like a light switch flicked on, a huge light shone from my ceiling. I can still remember exactly where the first speck of the light came from.
    It’s rays cleansed and warmed my skin. I was holding my breath, shutting my eyes tight, and my fists were clenched. It was as though this powerful light was so mighty it held my body down with an actual pressure pushing me back. My flesh couldn’t take such a presence, glory, light…

    I remember hearing my heart beat by how fast it was pounding. I remember being afraid I was about to die with just how ferocious this light was. I remember being in the presence of Life itself. The light was so blinding it heated my eyelids. I was weeping, shaking, but stuck still on my bed from the intensity.

    And then I awoke with a start. My heart was racing, I was shaking and covered with sweat. It was a dream. A frightening, beautiful dream. I felt weak; as I tried to sit up, I could only lean on my elbow as support for a moment before lying back down. I remember hesitantly looking up at my ceiling again, wondering if something would still be there, a remnant of whatever I saw in my dream. Nope. Just my normal ceiling. I laid back down and fell back into a much more peaceful sleep.

    It was when I awoke again in the morning that it really registered. I went to my knees and surrendered myself to God that day, with not one ounce of doubt. I felt an overwhelming understanding. Something impossible to deny, like He had whispered these words into my soul. Engraved them into my heart:

    God is alive.

    "God doesn’t exist" - c.h. (via heldinhishands)
    The same everlasting Father who cares for you today will take care of you tomorrow, and every day. Either He will shield you from suffering, or He will give you unfailing strength to bear it. Be at peace then, and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations.
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